Lease Option to Buy for Sellers

Sell Your House for Top dollars with Lease Option 2 Buy Option

      1. Attract Large Potential Buyers

With the exclusive financing terms and values of the lease options, you can easily attract a large number of potential buyers who usually can afford a monthly premium no matter how slow the local real estate market might be.

      1. Higher Rent than Usual Market Value

As you are offering huge value with flexible financial terms, you can demand above-market rent thereby also increasing your monthly cash flow.

      1. Non-Refundable Rent Credit:

A portion of the rental payment (10%) most of the times, credited to buyer towards the purchase price, Seller will get to keep it, if Tenant/Buyer does not exercise the purchase.
      1. Top Quality Tenants

In a lease option, the renters always have a vested interest in your property. This encourages them to always pay on time and also take the best care it as if they are the owners.

      1. No maintenance Expenses

As renters feel a pride of ownership, they execute regular maintenance and also bring consideration improvements to your property.

      1. Tax-deduction Benefits Stay Intact:

You retain all the tax-deduction benefits of ownership as you persist on the conduct until the option is executed.

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